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Why work with us?

work with us?

Improve your skills and boost your genius.

We want AVALITH to be the place where you enhance your skills, learn from your peers and discover everything you are capable of achieving.

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Laura Komit

About Avalith I like that the professionals are of a high quality, both technical and human. I also like that teamwork is not a theory but a day-to-day practice.

Mara Ximena Falconí Abad, RRHH

Work & Travel

Travel with us, develop your genius, and live unique experiences!

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We offer ongoing formation and access to various courses so you can continue to specialize and educate yourself in different areas.

English lessons

Avalith offers this Skill to all the members of its team, allowing each of them to growth steadily within our organization.


We develop a mentoring program in which professional and experienced mentors from the IT industry guide you and follow your evolution through planned and effective processes.


A learning space in which attendees can share experiences, foster the benefits of teamwork and exchange their different ways to performing an activity. Always based on IT industry-related topics.

Skill Factory

This is the learning Framework where we offer a study program coordinated by our Skill Factory Lead.

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Health & Wellness



Mindfulness helps us to regain our internal balance, considering the individual as an integral whole, which includes: body, mind and spirit.

By practicing mindfulness, we develop a greater capacity for discernment and compassion.


Functional Training

Functional Training

In surfing we find joy, fun, freedom, off-the-grid time, contact with nature, among many other positive feelings. However, in order to enjoy all these, we have to take care of our physical health. That's why Avalith offers the opportunity to train our aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

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Stretching seeks relaxation and strengthening of muscles through gentle and conscious exercises that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.


BodyCare, Yoga


Yoga teaches you how to cultivate your body and mind.

You can do five-minute classes (Active Pauses), or full sessions (classes) to recharge your energy every time you need it.

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Avalith time

This is the moment when we disconnect from our daily activities, in order to connect with the things we are passionate about, with the aim of finding the balance between work and personal life.


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3-week vacation
Paid internet
Prepaid medicine

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