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Disabilities: Best Specialized and/or Adapted Digital Jobs Today

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Thanks to technology, people with disabilities now have the opportunity to advance in their careers. There are specialized computers and software, such as Braille keyboards and screen reading programs, that allow them to enjoy the same opportunities as others.

Moreover, the rise of remote digital jobs offers a wide range of opportunities, like developers, for people with disabilities to work and earn a living just like anyone else.

According to the 10th Disability and Technology Report from the Adecco Foundation, 72% of disabled individuals have found new technologies to be a key resource for performing their jobs, while 70% stated that technological innovation has improved their overall quality of life.

Certain sectors, such as marketing, advertising, information technology, design, media, and publishing, are more flexible for transitioning to remote work, as most of their job requirements depend on computers and software.

Today, there are many jobs that people with disabilities can perform from home. This guide can help you find the ideal job you desire.

Advantages of Working from Home

Workers, whether disabled or not, tend to prefer remote work. But why do they prefer it? Here are some reasons:

Increased productivity

It is estimated that widespread adoption of remote work could increase productivity by 1.4% to 6.2%.

Better work-life balance

This formula is effective in successfully balancing professional life and personal happiness by providing a higher level of freedom, reducing stress, and allowing for better family reconciliation. It also brings benefits to the company.

Elimination of public transportation issues

Commutes from home to the office are one of the main problems for workers: traffic going and coming back, as well as the cost of gas or public transportation. Working from home eliminates these inconveniences.

Online Jobs Available for People with Disabilities

We cannot deny the fact that the disabled population faces many barriers in traditional work environments. But now, more and more companies, especially those offering online jobs, are moving towards a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

Some of the professions best suited are:

Content Creator

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Currently, the vast majority of brands have their online presence through websites and web pages, increasing the need for content creators responsible for producing articles and blogs to promote their products or services.


Working as a translator is a fantastic option for people with disabilities, especially for those who know different languages. You can accept requests to translate and add subtitles to video content.

You can also work through video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom and Skype, to translate conversations between two or more speakers.


Transcriber is another feasible work-from-home job for people with disabilities. This job requires great attention to detail, excellent listening skills, and accurate transcription of audio or video speeches into text documents.

Virtual Assistant

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant involves performing online administrative tasks for an individual or a company. Virtual assistant tasks may include managing clients' schedules, responding to inquiries via email and other platforms, organizing calendars, and creating presentations, among others.

Online Tutor

If you master certain subjects or languages and can express yourself well with others, online tutoring can be the best remote job for you. Through video conferencing software, you can connect with your students and teach them specific knowledge or skills they demand.

Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers create visual designs and layouts to help companies attract potential clients. If you have a talent for graphic design, either by hand or using a computer, you can try working as a graphic designer.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service work involves answering customer questions, orders, and complaints. This job requires excellent communication and conflict resolution skills, as you have to deal with customers who may have issues with products or services.

Video Editor

As a video editor, you can specialize in editing videos of special events, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduation ceremonies.

Aside from these events, video editors can work in coordination with company marketing teams to publish video ads on traditional media platforms and social networks.

Proofreader and Editor

If you master grammar and the complex use of written language, you can work as a proofreader and editor of written works. Most proofreaders and editors review books, essays, technical documents, theses, blog content, and other forms of written text to be published.

Chat Operator

Compared to the options mentioned above, being a chat operator is a relatively simpler task. As a chat operator, you don't need advanced knowledge of writing, editing, or graphic design. If you can write in a chat, you have the right profile! Some websites need chat operators to respond to messages from their visitors and subscribers, and this is where you could provide your help.

Disability should not be an obstacle to earning a living and achieving your dreams. Thanks largely to technology, people with disabilities now have tremendous opportunities on the Internet thanks to the constant state of evolution and transformation of digital work.

Workplace inclusion is not only the responsibility of companies but also of every business leader. Fostering an inclusive environment, providing opportunities, and eliminating barriers are crucial steps toward a more equitable future of work.