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Immersive experiences redefined: The rise of Apple Vision Pro

Virtual Reality

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The future is here, among us, tapping us on the back. 2024 is a year of incredible releases, and one of the most astonishing is the Apple Vision Pro, augmented reality glasses that are a space computer combining digital content and applications in your physical space, allowing you to navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice.

It provides "augmented reality" instead of "virtual reality," meaning users will be able to see the world around them while using it, rather than being confined to a completely virtual environment. In summary, it allows users to interact with digital content as if it were physically present in their same space. A revolutionary concept that will change the way we communicate and perceive the world. The question is, is the world ready for this new technology?

How Apple Vision Pro Works

The Apple Vision Pro features a front glass display, an aluminum frame covered by a flexible cushion, and an adjustable headband. The frame contains five sensors, six microphones, and 12 cameras. The user will view through the lenses two micro-OLED screens with a total of 23 megapixels each, the size of a postage stamp.

The eyes are tracked by a system of LEDs and infrared cameras, forming the basis of the device's iris scanner called Optic ID. The device's speaker is within the headband and is placed directly over the user's ears, generating surround sound.

The Apple Vision Pro utilizes the Apple M2 processor and a new Apple R1 processor specifically made for the device for processing input from the sensors, which will be cooled by a soft fan. A custom-made pack battery connected to the device via a cable will allow a device runtime of two hours. Alternatively, the device can be connected to an external power source.

Although it remains to be seen how successful this new product will be and if it will revolutionize people's lives as it seems, so far its early users have been showing how they are utilizing their devices, demonstrating the endless possibilities that are opening up.

What Can Be Done with Apple Vision Pro

Working from Anywhere

Woman Working

Although it's probably one of the most evident uses of the Vision Pro, it's still surprising to see it brought to reality. Remote work will no longer be a privilege for some, but anyone can work on documents, presentations, and projects more efficiently.

The Vision Pro allows connection to other Apple devices and projects them onto any scenario, allowing work or navigation through as many screens or tabs as necessary, thus taking remote work possibilities to new dimensions.

Additionally, in the case of video calls, the glasses use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create a realistic avatar of the user, so that the interlocutors can see their whole face and not just the face covered by the device.

Gaming like Never Before

Along with the release of the Vision Pro, Apple announced the arrival of over 600 applications to its store, specially designed for visionOS, the spatial operating system used by these devices.

While virtual reality has already established itself strongly in the gaming world, these glasses allow for the introduction of the virtual world into real space, allowing, for example, to experience firsthand what we are doing within the game.

Additionally, Apple Vision also allows connection to other console controls, being able to bring any video game into mixed reality and adjust the screen to the dimensions that the user wants.

A New Way to Watch Sports

If watching movies and series can be a renewed experience with the Vision Pro, following matches is the closest thing to any sports fan's dream. The glasses not only allow you to feel practically inside the stadium but also provide the possibility of following the same match from more than one angle or more than one match simultaneously, having displayed statistics, and being able to read and writing comments on social networks, all at the same time.

Simultaneous Translation and Subtitles

Lately, Artificial Intelligence has shown that language gaps are dissipating more and more, thanks to tools that allow for transcriptions, subtitles, or simultaneous translation.

The application of all this may be reaching a new level thanks to the Vision Pro and specifically to the Navi app, which if before allowed adding subtitles and simultaneous translation to a video call, now can also do it with the interlocutors we have in real life.

The New Way to Search for a House


While immersive tours are a trend in real estate portals, the word takes on a new meaning thanks to mixed reality and the application created by a real estate company, specially designed for use with Vision Pro.

The app allows the user to tour a specific property as if they were inside it, with a 360-degree view of each room and the ability to access interactive 3D plans.

Immersive Meditation

The pandemic initiated a boom in applications that help meditate, relax, and sleep. The arrival of the Vision Pro will enhance this, being able to immerse users in ideal scenarios for these states.

There are already apps that adapted their services and launched updates specially designed for these lenses included with the device.

The arrival of Vision Pro is a milestone for lovers of virtual or augmented reality, who see this technology as the next chapter of the 4.0 era.

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary product that opens the doors to a new era of experiences. Vision Pro glasses represent a great advancement in technology, venturing into unexplored territory until now. Its success will depend on various factors, such as public acceptance, the development of compatible applications and content, and the evolution of mixed-reality technology.

However, there is no doubt that this launch marks a before and opens up a path full of possibilities towards a fascinating future.