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Understanding Software as a Service (SaaS) and Its main benefits and advantages


By Olga Sabia ♦ 4 min read



To run its business, a company needs licenses and programs on its computers. It means not only a monthly or annual economic investment but also an investment in time devoted to the installation and configuration of each program, which works on each computer of that company.

The fact is that a SaaS allows you to interact with it through a web browser on all your devices.

But let's expand on what a SaaS is about. As we said, it is a program or business model in which a company offers access to its software without installing anything on the users' devices. In this model, users access the software through an internet connection, and the data is stored and processed on the servers of the service provider company.

In this way, it provides technological solutions through the Internet, which is why it is considered a service. The provider manages the entire environment for the software, allowing users to interact with it through a web browser. All data is centralized and hosted on a single server belonging to the application provider. Any user with an internet connection can use it, and they don't need to install it on any device. As a service, it works with a monthly or annual subscription model.

This provider has become quite popular lately as it is more accessible and convenient because users do not have to worry about installing or maintaining it. Thus it allows them to reduce costs and maintenance. In addition, the service provider carries out updates so that users access the latest version.

The main benefit of a SaaS is that it saves time. Since it can, for example, organize administrative tasks automatically. It reduces costs because many of these systems do not require an initial investment, they allow you to start with a free account, and the same company providing the service takes care of the maintenance; it is compatible with computers, phones, and tablets; it is easy to use, adaptable, and customizable since it can be configured as each company needs, including its logos; with the updates, users can get more space and functions; if the company hires new employees, they create a new record in the system, and they can start using it without having to buy a new license for another device; the information is safe since the storage is decentralized and encrypted.

Today SaaS is used in a wide variety of applications like email apps such as Gmail, Google docs, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365, among others.